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Columnar parting in the basaltic trachyandesite lava flow (near the Garni village, Azat River canyon)

The northern peak of polygenetic Aragats volcano

Pumice stratum, Irind volcano


A group of the Pleistocene scoria cones, the northern section of the Geghama mountain range

The concordance of the tuffs and the lava flow (the vicinity of the Baghramyan village, Armavir Region)

The perlite stratum of pyroclastic material composed of rhyolite, Arteni volcano, Aragatsotn Region

Nek in Irind volcanic vent, Aragatsotn Region

The Holocene lava flow of the Porak volcano, which poured into Al-Lake, the Vardenis mountain range

The Holocene lava flow of Nazeli volcano, the Syunik mountain range

The Holocene Porak volcano, the Vardenis mountain range