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Scientific Achievements

Digital Maps
  • 1:100000 and 1:25000 scale digital elevation models for several regions of the RA
  • 1:10000 scale digital elevation model of Yerevan city
  • Digital map and geological maps catalogue for geological survey sections at various scales
  • 1։100000 scale digital map of volcanoes
  • Digital map of historical earthquakes in the RA and surrounding territories
  • 1:50000 scale digital map of hydrography, water resources, and water-economic systems of RA

Surface Models of Geological Variables
  • Surfaces of chemical elements concentrations were constructed, the structure and patterns of the geochemical fields were studied (on the example of Agarak cooper-molybdenum deposit and Geghi river basin).
  • Minerals were modeled and mineralization patterns were studied (on the example of Agarak copper-molybdenum deposit).
  • Digital elevation models were developed: Slope, inclinations (vertical, horizontal, highest, lowest, and average incline) and vertical ruggedness.

Joint distribution of copper and molybdenum concentrations on the example of Agarak copper deposit

GIS Projects

  • GIS of State Water Cadastre
  • GIS of Pliocene-quaternary Volcanism in Armenia
  • GIS of Landslides in RA
  • GIS of Natural Hazards and Risks in River Basins of Pambak-Debed and Aghstev rivers
  • GIS of Ecological Risks along the lower flow of Hrazdan river

Screenshot from GIS for State Water Cadastre GIS

GIS Extensions and Software

  • ArcGIS extension for linking spatial data to external relational database.
  • ArcGIS extension for exploring geochemistry and geo-ecology
  • ArcGIS extension for the construction of the rivers longitudinal profiles on the basis of relief digital model
  • ArcGIS extension for calculation of flow module
  • Program for calculation of water balance in selected river basins
  • Program for the construction of geological cross-sections according to the description of the borehole